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 Adhesives & Lubricants  Sep 12, 2016
 Blade Materials  Oct 26, 2016
 Bronze, Copper, Zirconium  Oct 26, 2016
 Carbon Fiber & Exotic Composites  Oct 26, 2016
 Damascus & Mokume  Oct 24, 2016
 G10 & Micarta  Oct 26, 2016
 Hardware  Oct 14, 2016
 Sale/Clearance  Oct 24, 2016
 TextureTech™ & Timascus™  Oct 26, 2016
 Titanium Rod & Tube  Oct 24, 2016
 Titanium Sheet  Oct 26, 2016
 Wood - Stabilized  Oct 3, 2016

We (AKS) are different from most knife making material suppliers.
Here are some of the reasons we are different:

Fast Shipping
We have a goal to ship every package within one business day. In 2015, the percentage of orders shipped within one business day was 97.3%. We are proud of this accomplishment, and we work hard every day to improve our shipping times.

Delivery Time
Our package delivery times are also exceptionally fast. In 2015, 79.6% of domestic orders shipped were delivered in two business days or less. An additional 15.7% were delivered on the third business day. Almost one third of the knife supplies orders that were delivered in 4 business days or more occurred in December during the Christmas rush.

Shipping Costs
Most knife supply companies who ship orders get discounts from the shipping companies. Some companies charge full price for shipping and keep the discount. We charge the actual discounted rate plus insurance and a small handling fee.

It is very frustrating to take time to place an order and then receive an empty package or damaged materials. We are extremely careful when packaging knife making supplies. The last year a customer received a package from us with missing materials was 2001.

We invite you to comparison shop us against all other knifemaking material suppliers. We almost always have the lowest price. If we don't, it is usually because the comparison is not direct. When comparing prices, be sure to look at the material, tolerances, grade, etc. Some knife making material suppliers have items that look the same (or are a knockoff), but are inferior. Be an informed buyer. Call us if you have questions.

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