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Knifemakers who make damascus are familiar with 15N20. It is made by Uddeholm and is marketed for use as bandsaw blades in sawmills. In some damascus it is the shiny layers. The nickel in 15N20 resists the acid etch and stays shiny.

15N20 is a great steel for knife blades. It is very tough and easy to heat treat. The reason I think it is not more popular is because it is not available in thicker sizes.

1080, L6 and 8670 are shown in the table above for comparison purposes.

Heat Treating Information:
Austenitize: Heat to 1480°. Quench in oil.

Temper: Temper at least once for 30 minutes. Tempering twice for two hours each time is preferred. Use the table below to achieve desired hardness.

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