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There used to be two Vanax steels, Vanax 35 and Vanax 75. Uddeholm discontinued Vanax 75 and shortened Vanax 35 to Vanax. The data sheet shown below still lists the steel as Vanax 35.

Both alloys have been discontinued. The information below is for reference purposes only. Z-FiNit is available and is an excellent nitrogen blade steel. Z-FiNit outperforms many carbon and stainless steels.

Vanax is the most high tech steel available for knives. It is a powder metallurgy nitrogen stainless steel. The steel has very little carbon. Nitrogen is used in place of the carbon to make the steel hard. The result is a steel with extreme corrosion resistance, excellent edge holding and is easily resharpened.

All powder metallurgy steels are sintered in a "can". The can is a cylinder of 304 stainless steel with caps on both ends. When Vanax is made the can is left on the steel while it is rolled into sheet. The can helps keep the steel together when rolled. The can thickness is .004"-.007" thick in both sides of the sheet. We have the can ground off the thicker sheets.

The data sheet shown below was written when Vanax was being developed:
Vanax Data Sheet

LC 200N (Z-FiNit) Data Sheet

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