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The highest carbon stainless steel of the 440 series. It is a very good blade steel. I think the reason it is not more popular is because newer steels have overshadowed it.

440B and CTS-40CP are shown in the table above for comparison purposes.

Data Sheets:

Bohler N685 (440B) Data Sheet
Bohler N695 (440C) Data Sheet
Carpenter 440B Data Sheet
Carpenter 440C Data Sheet
Carpenter CTS-40CP
Crucible 440C Data Sheet
Latrobe 440C Data Sheet

Heat Treating Information:
Preheat: Heat to 1400° and equalize.

Austenitize: Ramp to 1850°-1950°F and hold at temperature for 30 minutes. Oil, plate or air quench to below 150°F.

Cryogenic Treating: Cyro may be performed after quenching to 125 °F to reduce retained austenite. After cyro allow blade to warm to room temperature.

Temper: Temper immediately after quenching or cyro. Hold at temperature for two hours minimum and allow to cool to room temperature. Use the table below to select the rockwell hardness.

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Pacific Metallurgical
Paul Bos Heat Treating
Peters Heat Treating

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