CTS-B75P Stainless Steel

Steel Condition: This blade steel is in the annealed (soft) condition.
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CTS-B75P Stainless Steel

.230 in11.6 in1.5 in $10

An excellent stainless steel. The original composition of this steel was made by Latrobe. Carpenter bought Latrobe and now makes the steel and calls it CTS-B75P. The original steel was vacuum melted. B75P is made via powder metallurgy process.

We have high hopes for B75P. It is well balanced. It has enough vanadium carbides to have great edge holding, but not so many to make finishing the steel and sharpening difficult.

The original BG42 was developed for use in aerospace bearings. It would have been more popular if Latrobe had not been so difficult to work with.

BG42 is shown in the table above for comparison purposes.

Data Sheets:
CTS-B75P Data Sheet
BG42 Data Sheet

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