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CruForge V Information & Composition

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CruForge V was developed specifically for forging into knives.

Scott Devanna coordinated with knifemakers when developing the steel. The result is an excellent steel that forges and performs very well.

CruForge V is easy to forge but tougher to finish than any of the 10XX steels or 52100. The tradeoff is edgeholding. The vanadium in CruForge makes it hold an edge longer than the 10XX steels and 52100.

52100, 1080+ and 1080 are shown in the table above for comparison purposes.

CruForge V Data Sheets:

Crucible CruForge V
Bohler 52100
Latrobe 52100

Heat Treating Information:
Austenitize: Heat to 1500-1550°F and equalize. Quench in oil.

Temper: Double temper at 400-500°F recommended. Approximate hardness after double tempering is shown below. Actual hardness will depend on hardening temperature and quench rate.

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