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D2 Information & Composition

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This steel is almost stainless. Some people say it takes a bad edge and holds it all day long. I disagree with this statement. I think D2 is a great steel that works well in knives.

PSF27 is made by a process called spray forming. Spray forming is different than particle metallurgy. To spray form steel is melted and sprayed to form a billet. The result is D2 with better edge holding and toughness than cast D2.

D2 Steel Data Sheets:

Bohler K110 (D2)
Carpenter D2
Crucible AIRDI 150 (D2)
Latrobe LSS D2
Spray Formed - PSF27 (D2)
Uddeholm Sverker 21 (D2)

D2 Steel Heat Treating Information:

Preheat: Heat to 1100°-1200°F, equalize, then to 1400°-1450°F, equalize.

Austenitize: 1825°-1875°F, hold time at temperature 30-45 minutes. Quench in air or positive pressure quench to below 150°F.

Temper: Two times at 400°-1000°F 2 hours minimum each time. Cool to room temperature between tempers.

Cryogenic Treating: After the first temper may improve long term dimensional stability by transforming retained austenite. Any cryogenic treatment must be followed by a temper.

Heat Treating Services:
Pacific Metallurgical
Paul Bos Heat Treating
Peters Heat Treating

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