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Spectrumwear Information & Composition

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Spectrum wear is another alloy in the family: CruWear, Vasco Wear, Z-Wear and PD-1.

Most of the steels in this family are made using the particle metallurgy process. Spectrumwear is made using ESR or Electro-Slag Remelting. This process produces very clean steel.

This high carbon alloy steel is extremely tough and has enough chromium to have some corrosion resistance. Grind the edge thinner than normal. The steel is tough enough to support a thin edge.

All the other steel are shown in the table above for comparison purposes.

Spectrumwear Data Sheets: Spectrum Wear
Crucible CPM3V
Carpenter CTS-PD1
Zapp Z-Wear

Spectrumwear Heat Treating Information: Note: The Spectrumwear data sheet heat treat information is a worst case scenario for forming and stamping dies. The ramping times listed on the data sheet are not applicable to knives.

Preheat: Heat to 1,200-1,250°F, equalize. Continue to 1,500-1,550°F, equalize.

Austenitize: Heat rapidly from preheat to 1,850-1,950°F. Equalize and soak for 20 minutes:

     1,850°F for maximum toughness.

     1,900°F for optimum combination of edge holding and toughness.

     1,950°F for maximum edge holding.

     Quench in air, with plates or oil.

Temper: Tempering should be performed immediately after quenching. Double and triple tempers are suggested. Cool the blade to room temperature between each temper.

Cryogenic Treating: Any cryogenic treatment must be followed by a temper.

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