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14C28N Information & Composition

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Kershaw asked Sandvik to develop an alternative to 13C26 with better corrosion resistance. 14C28N is the result. Kershaw was the exclusive buyer of the steel for a few years.

The primary difference between AEB-L and 14C28N is the addition of more chromium and a small amount of nitrogen. The changes result in a steel that has no chromium carbides like AEB-L with better corrosion resistance. The tradeoff is it does not get as hard as AEB-L.

The problems with 14C28N are: 1) It does not have the edge holding of AEB-L, 2) It does not have the corrosion resistance of Z-FiNit. Because of these problems we do not recommend 14C28N as a blade steel. There are other steels that have better performance.

13C26, AEB-L and Z-FiNit are shown in the table above for comparison purposes.

14C28N Data Sheets:

14C28N Data Sheet
13C26 Data Sheet
AEB-L Data Sheet
LC 200N (Z-FiNit) Data Sheet

14C28N Heat Treating Information:
Preheat: Heat to 1560° and equalize.

1920°F Austenitize: Ramp to 1920°F and hold at temperature for 15 minutes. Oil or plate or air quench as quickly as possible.

1975°F Austenitize: Ramp to 1975°F and hold at temperature for 5 minutes. Oil or plate or air quench as quickly as possible.

Cryogenic Treating: To get the most from 14C28N you must cryo. Cool to -95 °F. No soak is required.

Temper: Temper immediately after hardeneing or cryo. Temper at least 2 times for two hours each time. Use the table below to achieve desired hardness.

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