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CPM S125V Information & Composition

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CPM S125V is a very difficult steel to manufacture. In an annealed state it is brittle. To help prevent the steel from breaking before heat treating, the steel is clad with a thin layer (.010"-.025") of 304 stainless steel. This layer should be ground off. S125V is hard to roll so the sheet surface is rough and very uneven.

Once the steel is ground and heat treated you have an exceptional knife. It is not brittle like the annealed steel. S125V has more carbon and vanadium than any other stainless steel. The edge holding is excellent.

Heat Treating Information:
2050°F, hold time at temperature 30 minutes.

2150°F, hold time at temperature 10 minutes.

Quench in oil or or quench plates.

Temper: Two times at 500°-750°F 2 hours minimum each time. Cool to room temperature between tempers.

Cryogenic Treating: After the first temper.

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