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Stellite 6K Information & Composition

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Stellite 6K is a cobalt alloy. It is not steel. When it is made, the chromium, molybdenum and tungsten combine with carbon to form carbides. The cobalt forms a soft and strong matrix that holds the carbides in place. This means that a Rockwell or other hardness tests will test the matrix and give relatively low readings. The hardness and wear resistance are in the carbides, not the cobalt.

Stellite 6K is excellent for some uses and is a poor performer for others. For example, Stellite is excellent when used for cuting meats & vegetables. The edge holding is better than steel. However, if used for chopping hard wood, the soft cobalt rolls over and the knife does not cut well. It has extreme corrosion resistance. It will not corrode in salt water.

To cut Stellite 6K we recommend using a thin abrasive cut off wheel. We do not recommend cutting with a band saw. When grinding we recommend using new ceramic belts. The high lubricity will prevent dull belts from removing material. To drill holes we strongly recommend carbide drill bits. We do not recommend trying to tap Stellite 6K.

Data Sheet: Stellite 6K

Heat Treating Information: Stellite 6K is heat treated when it is made. You do not need to be concerned about affecting the heat treating when working.

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