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Timascus™ is the creation and collaboration of Tom Ferry, Bill Cottrell and Chuck Bybee. The goal was to create a corrosion resistant, non-magnetic lightweight laminated material that would lend itself to adding an upscale look to a knife without the disadvantages of steel damascus. Months of trial and error experimentation resulted in the development of techniques and process that resulted in pattern welded titanium. Timascus™ achieved the goals set and it not only adds to the look but in many cases can enhance the overall performance of a knife.

Timascus™ consists of two or more titanium alloys laminated and patterned resembling steel damascus. The various alloys color differently through the use of heat or anodizing. Each type of titanium alloy has the potential for a new color combination.

Timascus™ can be colored by heat and/or anodizing. The current mix of alloys seems to show more contrast through the use of heat than anodizing. Although anodizing does show contrast in the higher voltage ranges. A highly polished finish will produce the brightest colors where as a satin finish can produce the most visually contrasting appearance. All of the current titanium coloring techniques can be applied to Timascus™.

Working Characteristics
Timascus™ works virtually the same as other titanium alloys and we recommend you follow those guidelines. The one operation that is slightly different is in the milling of Timascus™. Multiple types of titanium in Timascus™ result in different hardness throughout the barstock. The hard and soft areas cause wear on cutting edges of tools. We recommend using a round cornered cutter whenever possible. We found these tools held up better during machining.

Timascus™ is a high-end materials that enhance a knifemakers work. Knife collector Russ Jenkins wrote the following comments: "The creators of Timascus™ did more than join together two types of Titanium. They forged the beauty of the past with the technology of the present."

Timascus™ is trademarked. The material process is patented. Timascus™ is sold exclusively through AKS™.

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