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G10 Sheet & Micarta Information

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G10 sheet & Micarta Information

G10 Material - G10 Fiberglass - G10 Composite: G10 Handle Making Material Supplier

WARNING: Always wear a respirator when working with composite materials. Wear the respirator when cleaning your work area. Do everything possible to avoid breathing the dust and fumes.

G10 is a composite made of layers of glass cloth and epoxy resin. It has very high flex, impact and bond strength.

Micarta is a composite made of layers of cloth or paper and phenolic resin.

Micarta is not as strong as G10, but it still is very strong. It has been called "The Steel of the Plastic Industry". In addition to knife handles, it is an excellent material for making jigs and fixtures. When I make fixtures, I drill & tap holes directly in micarta without threaded inserts. The threads have never stripped.

Natural micarta is a yellow or tan. As it ages the color turns to a red/brown.

G10 and Micarta Finishing Tips:
When you sand composites the layers look similar to wood grain. When you are finished sanding the handle may look chalky or dull. If you want the orginal color:
1) Wash the handle thoroughly with Dawn dish soap
2) Spray the handle with WD-40
3) Wash the handle with Dawn again

To make the handle more "grippy" sandblast the finished handle with course aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive. Use the washing tip to restore the color.

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